SheetBoss is a Fun and Interactive Google Sheets Tutorial.

Spreadsheet tutorials used to require watching hours of videos or reading pages of articles, and you'd forget most of what you learned by the next day. Try the new Google Sheets tutorial that's more fun, engaging, and memorable!

What is SheetBoss?

SheetBoss is a free Google Sheets tutorial that teaches you functions and shortcuts through hands-on simulations rather than through videos or written articles. While most tutorials focus on long videos that are difficult to remember, SheetBoss takes a hands-on approach to help you remember more of what you learn. You progress by actually writing formulas and punching in keyboard shortcuts which builds muscle memory and keeps you engaged throughout the entire process. Start learning today to begin your Google Sheets journey, build your skills, and start accelerating your career. Hit the button above to view lessons.

A New Kind of Google Sheets Tutorial

Welcome to the new way to learn Google Sheets. My name is Jake and I learned about spreadsheets (first Excel, then Google Sheets) the same way you've probably tried: I watched hours worth of tutorial videos, read dozens of pages about functions, and messed around in Excel for countless hours trying to practice what I had learned in each tutorial. To make matters worse, I'd usually zone out while watching a video and have to watch it all over again. The worst part was that I'd usually forget whatever functions and shortcuts I'd learned by the next day. I began wondering why there wasn't a better spreadsheet tutorial.

A Better Spreadsheet Tutorial

SheetBoss is designed to keep you engaged and attentive the entire time you're learning. Work your way through fun Google Sheets simulations that keep you engaged and focused. Earn points and compete with others who are learning with you. Build muscle memory and actually use the functions and shortcuts you are learning, so that they stick around in your brain for when you actually need them. With engaging, hands-on practice problems you learn how to do all of the important things fast - much faster than if you try to watch a huge collection of tutorial videos. SheetBoss is the fastest way to get up to speed in Google Sheets so you can start getting your work done faster and more efficiently.

Join Thousands of Others

The technology behind SheetBoss has been used by tens of thousands of users to learn spreadsheet formulas and shortcuts in order to get new jobs, move ahead in their current jobs, and make themselves irreplaceable at work. Quantitative skills are valued more highly than ever before, and any job in finance, accounting, or consulting (just to name a few) requires top-notch spreadsheet and data manipulation skills. There's a reason thousands of these professionals are turning to SheetBoss: because it's the most engaging Google Sheets tutorial out there. This tutorial starts with the basics to build a solid understanding of the Google Sheets ecosystem and capabilities, then progresses to more advanced functions and skills.

Why Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program very similar to Excel that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. The functions and features are very similar to those of Excel, but Google Sheets is becoming more popular because it is free and easy to collaborate with others. Anyone can start using Google Sheets right in the browser, then share the spreadsheet with collaborators with a simple link. All work is automatically saved in the cloud. Startups started adopting Google Sheets as an Excel alternative because it's easier to collaborate with a remote team and is free for individuals (businesses pay a small fee), so companies don't have to pay expensive licensing fees. Larger companies have begun following suit, and Google Sheets has been growing in popularity ever since.

While spreadsheet skills are valuable on their own, there are numerous other reasons to learn Google Sheets. As mentioned above, the demand for data manipulation skills is growing rapidly in today's job market. Learning the basics of spreadsheets and functions will help you build quantitative skills and understand the basics of technology and data to stay competitive in the job market. Mastering spreadsheet functions also prepares you to learn programming and other more technical skills where you'll us functions to manipulate data.

What Will This Tutorial Teach Me?

Google Sheets Formulas

Learn the different types of functions and formulas you can write in Google Sheets. From the simple SUM function, to VLOOKUP and IF, learn how to manipulate data in any way you can imagine. Only once you learn the types of functions you can use in Google Sheets will you begin to realize the possibilities of what you can do.

Google Sheets Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are critical to becoming faster and more efficient at work. They may feel awkward and slow at first, but once you learn keyboard shortcuts, practice them enough times, and commit them to memory, you'll be able to complete work at a much faster rate than your peers. This tutorial builds your knowledge of shortcuts and shows you how to utilize them to work more efficiently.

Boost Your Career With Spreadsheet Skills

Technology and quantitative skills are in demand and will only become more important as time goes on. These skills can set you apart in the job market and can help you grow your career, whether you want a new job, to become more productive at work, or simply to get work done faster and spend more time with family and friends. A good spreadsheet tutorial can help you build your skills so you can be more productive, make more money, and get ahead at work.

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